April 30, 2009

Volume 2

We'll call this one, Thoughts from Thomas' Room, Volume 2. Its alternate title could be, Efforts Thomas Has Perfected To Keep Himself from Sleep.

Tonight's edition focuses on the "be very loud" technique. It is, you know, completely impossible to go to sleep while you're sing-yelling. It's also difficult to fall asleep when you have a wicked case of the hiccups, which were probably brought on my gulping too much milk to entertain your brother.

The finer points of the technique go like this...

To the tune of Baa, Baa, Black Sheep: "Baa, baa, white sheep, blah, blah, (hic). No sir, no sir, stupid, stupid ."

Followed shortly thereafter by, roughly mimicking Twinkle, Twinkle: "Bee, bee, bee, bee, (hic), bittle yucky, (hic), bee, bee, bonder yucky you."

Eventually this technique leads to the cry for "JUST. ONE. MORE. DRINK. I. HAVE. (hic). BAD. HICCUPS. IN. MY. NECK."

He has now promised to be quiet after that one more drink and so far that's not going terribly well. It's raining, you know, and he's already on record for not liking that sound. (hic.)

The injustice of it all. Hiccups and thunder in one night is just about more than his three-year-old brain can process!

We love him with heart and soul but the sound of him losing the fight against sleep will be a welcome one tonight.



Rosemary said...

Sweet dreams, Thomas. I don't like thunder either. Think of the clouds as bowling balls and the lightning flashes as bowling strikes with a lot of noise. Now ask Mom & Dad to take you to a bowling alley to check this out.

Maria said...

Kids are sooo cute when they are avoiding sleep in the middle of the night (heavy sarcasm). I was up nursing Luke the other night and Claire was yelling for mommy, then daddy, then finally Eric. The last one worked! But I do think Thomas is much more creative!