April 1, 2009

M&Ms all around

We're doing a happy dance here. We're serving M&Ms and stickers. Thomas used the potty twice tonight.

The first time was for me and he was seated. Apparently he leveraged that success into a standing maneuver later in the evening for Mark while I was at Bunco.

I don't want to be over-confident here, as I'm sure there are still many wet pants to change in my future, but he's just doubled his previous record for potties made at home that weren't in his pants. This calls for a round of M&Ms on the house.


Anonymous said...

Well done, Thomas. Of course, you would be the one to hold out for a urinal rather than that "sit on a potty" stuff. Love, Grandma S.

Rosemary said...

It appears that perhaps Thomas has stood by and observed in typical Thomas fashion, and has now decided to join the fun "go in the toilet" group. It's not that he couldn't do it. He just didn't want to. He definitely has a mind of his own. That should hold him in good stead in the long run.