April 27, 2009


Tonight Thomas was playing around with his toy trumpet that Santa brought him for Christmas. It's taken until now for him to figure out how to really make it work, but now that the skill is in his grasp, cover your ears. Sometimes Mark plays the real trumpet along with him and he loves that...despite the fact that the noise it makes actually kind of terrifies him.

Tonight he wanted me to play with him. There are a number of reasons I don't play the trumpet with him. Chief among those reasons is that I have a fake tooth up front that is worth more than Mark's car and it's not adequately insured. The other primary reason is that I don't know how. I told Thomas I couldn't because I don't have a trumpet.

Next thing I know he's off asking Mark to take him to the music store. He told him that they needed to go and buy mommy a trumpet. Mark told him that if I wanted one they could do that. He came running back to me and told me that, "DADDY SAID YES! You don't have to be sad you don't have a trumpet ANYMORE!"

Having one of my main men be so concerned about my happiness made my pretty happy.


Rosemary said...

Please send pictures of Mommy's trumpet. :-)

Stephanie said...

I love it when the toddler set can solve the world's ills. If only they retained that power.