March 24, 2009

Our little realist

Tonight at dinner, Mark was joking around with Thomas about what he was made of and telling him that he was made up of the food he was eating. He didn't like that joke and was protesting. That lead to me say that he was made of snips and snails and puppy dog tails. He definitely didn't like that joke, but Andrew thought it was funny.

I then turned to Andrew and told him that's what all little boys were made of and that little girls were made of sugar and spice.

He gave me a funny look, paused for a split second and said, "Mommy, you shouldn't really believe that. We're all made of nerves and tendons and bones and veins."

It's so good that one of us is thinking clearly.

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Rosemary said...

Andrew's mind is always processing all that he hears and observes around him. He listens and absorbs information in an amazing way. And, he asks perceptive questions that go beyond the superficial observations. How exciting! It's a treat to be around him and to watch his face while all of this is going on. I do love that amazing boy!