October 31, 2008


Halloween is about 90 minutes from drawing to an official close and I think ours falls squarely in the success column this year. It was 72 sunny degrees today and it's a Friday. Those are both good starts toward a good day.

Andrew dressed as a very authentic-looking fighter pilot, complete with real US Air Force patches and his very own name patch as well. (Steph - I haven't forgotten I owe you some $$$.) He LOVED his costume and didn't want to take it off tonight and was delighted when a neighbor recognized him as a Air Force pilot without any prompting.

Thomas, who had for weeks insisted he would not be wearing a costume, not only relented and wore the train conductor outfit, but asked to wear it first thing today rather than waiting for the official parade to begin at school. When I left him this morning he was handing tickets from the pocket of his apron out to all his friends and his teacher was making masking tape tracks on the floor so he could conduct the group. That's a far cry from, "I no wear costume. I be TomTom."

Grandma, PaRon and Great Grandma stopped by to see them in their outfits this evening and good friends came for dinner, adding to the fun. I took the boys to a few houses for actual trick-or-treating, because the 4 metric tons of candy we have here wasn't enough, I guess, and now everyone is asleep. All in all, a great day.

Happy Halloween to all!


Anonymous said...

Andrew & Thomas, your Halloween costumes are great! Andrew, you look just like an Air Force pilot. I love those dark glasses. Thomas, you look like an train engineer. Did you give all of your friends rides at school? Happy Halloween! Sounds like you all had a great day. Love, RoRo

Maria said...

Great costumes! I vote that Halloween falls on a Friday every year! Are you in?

Amber said...

Very cute. Thomas sounds like such a character! They are the most adorable little guys Susan!