October 24, 2008

Move over Stacey and Clinton

Thomas is sick. He has double pink eye and a really special little lower GI issue that's floating around his classroom. The conundrum is that he's not allowed at school but is not feeling so much under the weather that he's not wanting to go, go, go. So, we took a brief field trip to Old Navy this morning.

Their little boys' collared shirts are on a great sale. He already has one for this winter but they were so inexpensive that I thought I would look through them and choose another for him. The trouble was that he set his heart on the red and navy blue stripe option and I had my heart set on the navy blue and white stripe option. We played a little game for a few minutes in the store where I would put the one I had selected in the stroller and then, when he thought I wasn't looking, he would put that one back and grab a red and navy stripe one instead. We did this three or four times. His fashion sense is consistent.

The problem with this trade is that the one he already has at home? You guessed it. It's the red and navy stripe one. No amount of talking could convince him that he already owned it. Even when I reminded him that he HAD WORN IT YESTERDAY.

I eventually conceded and let him carry the one he wanted (and already owns) through the store, and I snuck the one I wanted onto the back of the stroller, planning for a switcharoo at the register. So, he carried that shirt around like it was a long-lost treasure for the duration of our stay. He also at some point during the trip latched onto an enormous, lovely royal blue hobo-style, patent leather handbag. It was on sale. Go figure?!

This, my readers, is how my son paraded through Old Navy this morning.


Anonymous said...

Look at it this way: it could have been chartreuse & purple. It's good to see that he's a Jayhawk through and through. Here's to a healthier weekend. Love, RoRo

Maria said...

Old Navy looks the same everywhere...
Is that a picutre of Thomas or Zac? I definitely see a resemblence in the giant I am getting away with something smile.

Amber said...

LOL, that picture could make for some great blackmailing someday!
I too, have an extremely strong-headed little boy...aren't they fun?!?!