September 28, 2008

Out of the mouths

While driving in the car tonight (after chasing a hot air balloon, which was really fun!) Mark was making up silly songs using the boys' names. Andrew thought he would get in on the act, but would insert the word "poop" into his songs.

MARK: Andrew, we like to hear you sing but we don't want to hear you use words like that.

ANDREW: Really? (In utter shock.) I was just saying "poop" so that Thomas could hear me and would remember to start pooping in the toilet.



As the boys and I headed upstairs tonight for books, Andrew stopped in the entryway and asked me to turn on the light so I could look at something on his skin. I turned on the light and he was rubbing a place on his ribcage.

ME: Is something wrong with your tummy?

ANDREW: I'm not sure. Rub right here.

ME: (As I touch the same place he was) What is that?

ANDREW: I'm not sure. Is it dry skin or something else?

ME: What else would it be?

ANDREW: Well, I'm thinking nacho cheese from dinner.


Maria said...

I am afraid of what we may get the next time Zac and Andrew get together. Great minds think alike you know! :)

Amber said...

LOL, this is cracking me up!

Claire said...

I probably wouldn't be allowed in your car. I find making up songs about "poop" is hilarious. But I am not as thoughtful as Andrew in wanting to help someone with their bathroom skills. Love to the fam!