August 29, 2008

The great road trip of '08 - conclusion

You thought I'd never wrap it up but here we are. We headed out on Friday morning at 7:30 from Breckenridge not knowing exactly what our plan would be. We were still in the state of Colorado when we stopped for lunch and we were about to lose an hour which seemed like a bad thing.

The end result is that both boys fell asleep shortly after lunch and slept for a couple of hours, allowing us to make the most of the afternoon. We ended up back in Lawrence by 7:30 that night. Thomas did continue to inform us all day that "I ready go home now" but this time we were able to honestly tell him that's where we were going, which appeased him.

A mountain of laundry later, all any of us can remember are the good parts and we'll readily hop in the car again sometime in 2011.

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