August 15, 2008

If no one is bleeding and there's no smoke...

The boys both woke up in cheery moods this morning and our Friday seemed to be off to a smooth start. I was anticipating being able to shower leisurely and use up ALL the hot water because Mark was already gone. The boys had tummies full of waffles and Playhouse Disney was on the television so I figured I had until the end of Mickey's latest adventure to get clean.

I'm about halfway through my shower when Thomas comes screeching into the bathroom, throws open the shower door and delivers the message that Andrew needs me. It doesn't come out exactly like that but he's amazingly adept and getting his point across without uttering one clear word. It appeared, due to T's volume and enthusiasm, that this situation was urgent. I turned off the water, stuck my head out and yelled at Andrew to ask him what the problem was.

This is what followed, pretty much verbatim:

A: "Mommy! I need to ask you something important."

Me: "What? Is it really important, I'm showering."

A: "It's important."

Me: "OK. What do you need?"

A: "I need to ask you what is your favorite kind of bird?"

Me: (with conditioner in my hair and soap on my face) "Ummm. A cardinal?"

A: "Cardinals are alright but I like sparrows."

Me: "Is there anything else?"

A: "No. I just wanted to tell you that sparrows are my favorite."

We're going to spend some time tomorrow talking about the definition of urgent, and how if you're going to send your brother in to tell mommy that something is, it probably should be.

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SStites said...

Urgent="Is it on fire?" or "Is blood involved?" Once when Lynda and Laura were just little, we were leaving home to drive over to Uncle Duane and Aunt Julie's for dinner, and Uncle Harold and I were in the midst of a serious discussion. Laura: "Mom, Dad. ." Us: "You are interrupting!" Lynda: "Mom, Dad. ." Us: "You are interrupting!" We finish our conversation just as we are driving into Uncle Duane and Aunt Julie's driveway and finally say, "Now what is it you wanted to say?" Lynda and Laura in unison: "Why did we leave our front door standing open?" Hmmm. . . urgent???? No blood, no fire, but. . . urgent?