July 24, 2008

101 things

There's a book by an author named Kristin McCracken entiteld, 101 Things To Do Before You Turn 40.

Because the list is long - like 101 items long - and I'm sure the author would like for me to actually buy the book, I won't list them all here. However, as of today, I've got five years to get cracking on a few of these. There's no time like the present, right?

3. Admit to everything
7. Build a nest egg
9. Date a twenty-five year old, one last time - JUST KIDDING! ANYONE READING?
10. Put a lid on it
21. Lose the snooze
26. Think outside the box
31. Control the future of your face
32. Say NO
34. Accentuate the positive
35. Say yes to bubbles (create reasons to celebrate)
40. Sculpt yourself
43. Go to Paris
47. Buy a piece of real art
48. Take a stand
52. Enact a two-drink maximum
58. Take a sabbatical
64. Purge (things, not food!)
70. Show gratitude
72. Take a mental health day
88. Ditch your college furniture
96. Figure out what you want to be when you grow up
101. Accept that forty is the new 30

Although birthdays aren't quite as exciting at halfway to 70 as they are when you're, say, five, I've had a good day and am quite grateful for all the great in my 35-year-old world. (See, I just started working on #70.) Take that, list.

p.s. Happy Birthday wishes to Jennifer Lopez, fellow-Kansan Amelia Earhart and Lynda Carter.


Kate and Dennis said...

For the record, I don't think #52 should ever be put into effect. And you share a birthday with JLo? Nice. All I have are Georgia O'Keefe and Ed Asner. Oh, and ODB of rap-stardom.

Susan said...

I'll get back to you in about 10 years on #52. It pains me to admit it, but it's time. Oh, and JLo, she's OLDER than me.

Mom said...

I believe in #72. You may recall that was a strength of mine back in the working girl days.