April 16, 2008

Game playing

Tonight was my monthly Bunco night. Bunco night consists of 12 friends, lots of appetizers and lots of socializing. We usually do play Bunco, but it's not really the reason we're there. And, since it's a game of no skill and total luck, it's very conducive to much talking. You can definitely leave your concentration at home.

When I arrived home I found Mark and Andrew in the basement deep in concentration. They were playing chess.

It turns out that while I was drinking a lovely pinot noir and catching up on the latest neighborhood gossip, my four-year-old was learning about rooks, knights, pawns and bishops. He officially knows WAY MORE than I do about chess. The worst part is that he also knows how to play Bunco.

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Stephanie said...

And this brings up an interesting point: why don't either of us know how to play chess?
I feel like we missed out on some rite of passage and now it might just be too late. Scratch that. Jeff taught me how to play once and I beat him right away. But then I started losing...chess isn't all it's cracked up to be. I'd stick with wine and bunco.