March 16, 2007

Our Boys

Looking at this pic, you'd never know Andrew told his teachers, "no, I'm the teacher," or Thomas fussed all week. Thanks for all the help at home this week Grandma Elaine. Thomas says he just might be up for school on Monday.

Andrew has referred to Darrell Arthur as "Arthur Darrell" so many times that now I'm confused. We should just stick with "Double Zero."

Thomas now smiles when he passes gas. I suppose this is a development milestone for all boys.


Stephanie said...

Who took these pics?! They're great. Can't wait to see you all :)

Anonymous said...

To quote Jeff Jackson, "I think they make them cute because otherwise you'd eat them on a bad day."

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the pics. We've got out calendar page for March up and have been celebrating the boys (and Mark & Susan) all month, too. RoRo