April 20, 2009


Little known trivia: The third week of April is designated as Week of the Young Child, surprisingly not by Hallmark, but by the National Association for the Education of Young Children.

Each year at the kids' school they celebrate the week with special kid-centered activities. Each day of this week has been assigned a theme and each day there is a centerwide activity that the kids have chosen. The themes include backwards day, crazy hair day, school spirit day, hat day and, the most fun of all...pajama day.

I sent my kids to school this morning like this...

(Actually, they wore pants too. My devoted readers might have noticed that Thomas with no pants on is a theme in and of itself.)

For the Henderson boys the best part is that this was their second pajama day because their mom is a genius.

The e-mail about these activities came several weeks ago and I dutifully put each one on my calendar so that I wouldn't forget. I would not want my kids to be the only ones NOT wearing their pjs on pajama day. How embarrassing. So, last Monday we loaded up in these same outfits. We walked in the building and were greeted by our favorite teacher who said, "Hey, it's pajama day for the Hendersons?"

I of course, replied, "Yes, for Week of the Young Child."

"...which is next week," he said.

"Well, %&$#@!*," I said.

So, Thomas wore his jammies all day last Monday and this Monday because he doesn't care that his mom is challenged. Andrew spent all of last Monday being mortified that he had been seen in his jammies and then had to wear his mismatched spare clothes for the day. And, he made me double check that today was actually the right day. For some reason, he was skeptical.

No matter, though, by the time I get through embarrassing them on crazy hair day the pj incident will be the furthest thing from his mind.


Kate and Dennis said...

Oh, Susan. This is too funny - sorry. I know you're a SUPERMOM, though - so don't let a little calendar mix-up get you down!

Rosemary said...

Does Andrew now have a set of matching "spare" clothes at Stepping Stones? I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when you found out it was the wrong Monday. I thought you illustrated your feelings perfectly. Love that T. He's always prepared with the hat, shoes, & no pants. Way to go!

Amber said...

That's great! Glad I'm not the only one...picture post-soccer game and no snacks b/c someone read the snack schedule wrong...at least there was a concession stand!