Saturday, June 14


Thomas is very tired after a long, busy week, and he's super content to lie on our bed and read a book today, which I love. 

I walked in - to MY bedroom - and said, "Isn't reading awesome?"

He slowly lowered his book and said, "Yes, it is. You know what else is awesome? When you can read in silence and no one is trying to make conversation with you."

In case there was ever any doubt, he is most certainly a small version of his father. 

Friday, June 6

Happy Friday

It's summer, he's enjoying day camp and he's feeling good. Can't begrudge a guy for flexing in the mirror once in a while, right?

Wednesday, May 7 it the best policy?

While lying on our bed last night, both of us reading, Andrew did a double take looking at my legs.

"Mom, what are those lines all over your shins?

"They're called spider veins." 

"Why do you have them?"

"It's probably partly genetics and partly because I've had two babies."

"Oh. They don't look very good."

"I know, buddy. I'm actually pretty self-conscious about them."

"Well, your face is still really pretty."

"Thanks. That's a nice thing to say."

"Yeah, except for all the wrinkles on your forehead. Are those because of being pregnant too?"

"Yes, Andrew.  They are."

Thursday, April 17

You can fool some of the people some of the time

Tonight at the dinner table, while discussing the fact that it's interesting to me that someone who isn't employed outside her home would be using Linkedin to connect via social media, Thomas said, "Well, mom, you're a stay-at-home mom, right? Except you just also have a job?"

Right, son. Something like that.

On days like this I don't know if I'm winning or losing or just simply drowning. But, hey, at least I'm snowing the eight-year-old.

Sunday, April 13


There's that phrase about necessity being the mother of invention. I don't know that this is technically necessary, but I do have to applaud the ingenuity here. When you've outgrown your Little Tykes basketball goal and you can't play outside, a little duct tape and a storage bin will do. 

I think Andrew has taken a step toward earning his man card with this detailed use of duct tape.