March 9, 2008

Wii've got it

A Wii that is. Wii've been looking for one since Christmas and had pretty much given up hope that there would ever be one in stock again. Then, last Sunday morning at 9 a.m., a friend in Kansas City called and said her husband was at Costco - another exciting weekend as a parent of small children! - and they were unpacking 15 new Wiis. They knew wii had been looking and she was calling to see if wii wanted him to buy it. Done.

She sent the Wii to Lawrence with her mom and I met her in a church parking lot last week to make the exchange. My friend told her mom to be careful with it because it was expensive so when wii met she dug it out from underneath a quilt and a pile of newspapers in the backseat of her car. I felt like I should be watching for undercover law enforcement.

Mark finally got it all setup last night and you can guess what wii've been doing ever since. It comes with golf, boxing, bowling, tennis and baseball. So far Andrew is the only one who's played. Bowling is a little challenging for him, he's pretty good at baseball and tennis and he's got boxing mastered. You should see him dancing and swinging like a madman. Wii're having a slight parenting disagreement over whether boxing is a constructive energy release or the first step on the path to thinking punching's cool. He's working on his golf swing right now. Mark is trying to help which is pretty funny since Mark doesn't play golf anymore because he doesn't have the patience for it.

Thomas is completely intrigued and has, so far, been content to watch the action. Mark hasn't tried yet but I can tell you right now that he's going to love it. I can also hardly wait to get my hands on it, when no one else is around. To date I've watched all this action from the couch. While the rest of the family has enjoyed the new Wii, I'm "enjoying" a raging case of strep throat. I had almost forgotten how much it sucks to feel like you're swallowing razor blades while courting a fever and killer headache, but to take my mind off that I've got built-in entertainment in the form of the multi-sport seminar going on in my basement.

The search for the Wii began because of Andrew having asked Santa for Guitar Hero but it appears he has, for now, forgotten all about his quest to become a rock star because he's got several new sports to master.


Maria said...

I am sooo jealous! Eric and I played one at a friend's house. It was too much fun. Don't tell Zac or we will never hear the end of it!

Anonymous said...

Wii are so envious that you all have a Wii and wii don't! Old people need FUN exercise and this sounds like just the thing. Besides, wii can hone our competitive edges. Wii can't wait to see all of you at "play" on the Wii. Love, RoRo

Stephanie said...

Next time I'm there, can the two of us hunker down with no boys allowed? I think wii'd be hilarious!