July 25, 2011

Our own little Webster

It's hot here. I understand, according to Al Roker and that crazy Cantore fellow, that it's pretty much hot everywhere and I'm really not complaining. I'll take really hot over really cold any day. You know it's been really hot for a really long time, though, when a five-year-old can accurately inform you about how many days it's been since his preschool class has been allowed to play outside in the afternoon.

Thomas' teacher, the fabulous Miss Lori, has made a game of checking the weather with her students. They recite the phone number to the local Time & Temp phone line out loud as she dials and they all listen very quietly for the magic number. In the winter, it's 32. In the summer, it's 95.  Except for now.  Now it's so hot that they have to wait for the verdict on the "feels like" temperature. 

While discussing weather-appropriate attire for an adventure we're having tomorrow, Thomas reminded me that if it's 99 degrees, it might feel more like 105 degrees.  Then he told me, in his Thomas way with his eyes open wide and his head cocked slightly to one side and leaned back just a bit, that "the real weather word for that is the HEATDEX." 

And that, my friends, is my new favorite made up word.


Rosemary said...

We have escaped the "evils" of the HEATDEX thus far this summer. I hesitate to even mention it for fear of bringing it on. I can just see Thomas with that pensive look as he ponders some right on comment to make in observation of things going on in his world. So loved seeing the boys - and their parents - last week!

kerikish said...

I still use hanitizer! :)

Miss Lori said...

"Boxster Briefs!" And this is my favorite new word belonging to Thomas. On Friday, Mr. Time and Temperature allowed us to play outside for a few minutes. Unfortunately, nature called unexpectedly before Thomas could run inside where he announced to me that he needed to change in to his clean pair of gray "boxster briefs!" By the way, although I am flattered by the adjective "fabulous" prior to my name, I can't truly claim that title. I am merely one preschool teacher who just happens to have a piece of my heart stolen by your son. Be sure to give him hug goodnight from me! xo