September 28, 2009

Reading between the lines

While helping Andrew wash his hands tonight in our basement bathroom, I noticed that the mirror above the sink was a mess. 

ME: “I wonder what happened in here? It looks like this mirror has been all wet.”

ANDREW: “I don’t know, mommy.  It looks kind of like it would look if I had blown water out of my football coach’s whistle and sprayed it everywhere on purpose.  But, I didn’t do that.  It just looks like it would if I had done it, which I didn’t actually do.”

ME:  “Anything else you didn’t do that I need to know about?"


Stephanie said...

So I've got three more years of the kid outing himself? Good to know.

Rosemary said...

George Washington reincarnate - sorta! Axe, apple tree, "I cannot tell a lie." Hmmm.