March 22, 2009

Life of the party

Two things happened around here tonight that were a bit unusual. The first is that Andrew readily agreed to eat shredded pork for dinner, just like Mark and I were eating. He knew I had prepared it and he even knew that we were eating leftovers and yet, he still ate two servings. You just never know.

The other story of note involves Thomas. The kid was running on fumes by bedtime, as the result of a nap protest and lots of bike riding today. I asked him to go in the bedroom and take off his clothes after dinner so we could get a shower started. He disappeared and then returned to the kitchen with a bag of saltine crackers, informing me that he had made a mess with some crackers in the hallway outside the pantry and that I needed to clean it up for him.

While I was working on that he began yelling down to Andrew, telling him, "I having a party in the shower and Andrew's invited!" This was funny and made us all laugh. He repeated it several times, more animatedly each time and then went into the bedroom to get undressed.

Andrew came upstairs and headed in to get ready for Thomas' "party in the shower" as well. But, he quickly returned to the hallway asking if he could have crackers too. I assured him we didn't need to eat crackers before showering and reminded him of all the good pork he had eaten at dinner. He informed me that the crackers weren't for eating, they were to take to the party in the shower like Thomas.


Upon entering my bathroom I was greeted by Thomas on all fours, crushing saltines on the floor of the shower. When I asked (maybe in a loud voice) what he was doing, he calmly explained the crackers were party decorations. And also, would I please turn on the shower now?

p.s. ROCK CHALK!!!


Rosemary said...

Gee, Mom, you must not serve crushed crackers on the floor of the shower for YOUR parties. Hmmm. I don't either. Maybe we're missing something here. It's interesting that he didn't want any "dip" to go with the crackers. It's simple and to the point = good entertaining policy. I'll keep that in mind the next time I'm losing my mind as I put together the last "absolutely have to have" hors d'oeuvre for a party.

Rosemary said...

Way to go, Jayhawks! Loved seeing what little bits of the game they showed out here. We're looking forward to next weekend.

SStites said...

Well, all I have to say is "GO CATS"! :-) And, Thomas, party on!

Kate and Dennis said...

I couldn't help but laugh outloud at Thomas' antics. At my desk in the office, mind you. Too funny!

Amber said...

That is great! What an imagination! Oh, and congratulations on becoming an Aunt again!