May 18, 2008

Picture parade

Mark updated the Flickr stream and as I was browsing through some recent pics, I thought that a few of them probably deserved a little narrative. Hope you enjoy!

This is self-explanatory, but I love how it just embodies sheer delight!

This is a glimpse into all the help that Mark had in fixing our storm-downed fence a couple of weeks ago. That's T on the right, manning the shovel, Andrew's in the middle running with a 2x4, and our neighbor on the left, joining Mark in his perfectionist tendencies as he hand packs dirt around a post. It's a good thing he's become accustomed to supervising teams of contractors.

This is my Mother's Day. The boys were upstairs and it became ominously quiet. I yelled up to inquire about what was happening and Andrew responded by saying, "Mommy! You should come up and see what we've gotten into!" I grabbed the camera on my way up because I knew that it was going to be a sight. I had forgotten that I had a box of craft supplies in the dresser in Thomas' room and, well, they had found it. You'll notice T is doing a little work with a glue gun and Andrew's working on some important measuring.

Thomas is developing a distinctive fashion sense. This outfit is entirely his doing. He favors neutrals and who says that you can't wear Rudolph slippers in May?

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Stephanie said...

"He favors neutrals" - is this surprising considering Mark is open to any color as long as its navy?