March 8, 2007

New Seat for T

Mom, You're the best. Thanks for my new kitchen seat. It's much better than that yucky high chair.


wyatt said...

Hey Thomas,
My mom just got me a seat a lot like that one, too! Yours is the one she wanted but mine is the one the BX sells. It's cool though. And also? My mom was surprised to see me standing up holding onto the chair while I told her what to type. I'm so excited to play with you!

Grandma said...

Cool chair, Thomas. And it wasn't used first by your brother. Savor the moment.

Aunt Sharon said...

Hi, Thomas,
You're getting to be such a big boy. U. Harold and I love seeing your and Andrew's pictures on the blog page--wonderful invention, the blog! It lets us share in all of the fun times with you guys!